Back And Traps Exercises Video Database

These back and traps exercises will help you tone your back and give it a great shape and nice definition or lower the reps and pump up the weight to start creating mass and build an awesome looking powerful v-shaped back.

Probably the most over looked muscle groups to be added to the workout routine but most definitely a 'must do' for any workout routine. These will help strengthen your core, help the spine maintain good posture and due to most exercises being of the compound type exercise these will also add an enormous amount of strength and power to your overall workout.

We have exercises to work and target every part of your back - the lower back (erector spinae), the lats, rhomboids and also the traps.

traps muscles back muscles lower back muscles

All these exercises come complete with video, the muscles being worked and some helpful exercise tips to help you get the maximum effect from each exercise.

Back Exercises - Bodyweight
2 Point Box
Dorsal Raise
Inverted Row
Negative Pull Up
Pull Up

Back Exercises - Barbell
Bent Over Row
Reverse Grip Bent Over Row
Barbell Shrugs
Barbell Upright Row
Good Morning
Single Leg Good Morning

Back Exercises - Dumbbell
Dumbbell Bent Over Row
Bent Over Flye
One Arm Row
One Arm Reverse Flye
Dumbbell Shrugs
Dumbbell Upright Row & Shrug

Back Exercises - Kettlebell

Back Exercises - Exercise Ball
Exercise Ball Back Extension

Back Exercises - Machines/Cables
Cable Row
Wide Grip Cable Row
Squat To Row
Lat Pull Down
One Arm Lat Pull Down
Straight Arm Pull Down

Back Exercises - Others
Medicine Ball Power Thrust

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