Muscle Workouts


These awesome muscle workouts are guaranteed to get your muscles pumping!!

If you are looking to build muscle mass to your physique or add pure strength and power to your game, you will find a workout here for you.

You can choose from full body workouts, upper body, lower body, split workouts or routines for each set of muscle groups.

There are weight workouts for everyone and if you are just starting out on your fitness program, we have awesome workouts for beginners, to help you get started on the right foot and hopefully have you coming back for more!


Key Factors for Muscle Building

1 - Diet for muscle building

2 - Apply correct technique, intensity and rest

3 - Vary your workout routines

The benefits of these weight training routines is to make sure your body and muscles don't hit that plateau from constantly using the same workout routine over again and to help you to keep progressing onwards and upwards, achieving new muscle gains that you have never had before and pushing out weights at a new personal best!


Muscle Building Workouts

5x5 Workout Routine Charles Atlas Workout