Shoulder Exercises Video Database

These shoulder exercises can build and tone the muscle to add great shape to your physique, which in turn can also help to create a slimmer look to your waistline.

The shoulder joint is very complex, with the top of the upper arm and the shoulder blade creating a ball and socket joint, enabling you to move your arm in any direction.

This very manouverable joint is surrounded by the rotator cuff muscles and are themselves then surrounded by the front, middle and rear deltoid muscles.

front shoulder muscles rear shoulder muscles

We have exercises to work and target every part of your shoulder muscle group - the anterior deltoids, the medial deltoids, the posterior deltiods and also the rotator cuffs.

All these exercises come complete with video, easy to understand exercise instructions and some helpful exercise tips to help you get the maximum effect from each exercise.

Find the exercises for you from our list below.

If you know of any exercises that can be added to our database, please let us know and we can share these with all our readers too.

Exercises for Shoulders - Bodyweight
Inverted Shoulder Press

Exercises for Shoulders - Barbell
Barbell Shoulder Press
Barbell Push And Press

Exercises for Shoulders - Dumbbell
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Arnold Press
Neutral Grip Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Dumbbell Front Raise
Cuban Press

Exercises for Shoulders - Kettlebell

Exercises for Shoulders - Machines/Cables
Diagonal Cable Raise
Cable Reverse Flye
Overhead Cable Raise
Cable Overhead Press

Exercises for Shoulders - Exercise Ball
Exercise Ball Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Lying Exercise Ball Cuban Press

Exercises for Shoulders - Others

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