The Charles Atlas Workout

The Charles Atlas workout was created by the young "ninety seven pound weakling" who could not respond at the time of question when he was beaten up in the street as a fifteen year old and also infamously had sand kicked in his face on the beach.

But Angelo Siciliano, as he was named back then, must have said to himself "enough is enough", and then proceeded to create the Charles Atlas Workout routine using no special equipment and a new healthy way of living and eating that was so effective, that by 1921 when he was 28 years old he had won the coveted prize of being the "World's Most Perfectly Developed Man."

He also won it the following year!

The awesome Charles Atlas workout enables you to workout at home or at any spare moment you may have in the day and worked on the principle of using your own natural strength as body and muscular resistance focused against the muscle or group of muscles being worked at the time.

In other words, there is no need for any weights or gym equipment and the Charles Atlas workout is designed to be performed around the house.

Stating that lifting heavy weights exhausted the body when his workouts only tired you for a very short time while still increasing muscle mass and strength.

Atlas recommended to carry out his workout each day, first thing in the morning when arising and also in the evening.

Focus and put all your energy and effort into each exercise and you will definitely see & feel the benefits.

Below, there are a few exercises. Choose one from each table to give yourself a full body workout.

The Charles Atlas Workout


Chest Exercises

2 Chair Press UpSets of 25
100-200 daily
Place hands on seat of 2 chairs 18" apart in a press up position.
Finger Lock Chest PullRepeat until tired. Do not strain.Lock both middle fingers together. Pull hard & as doing so, slowly lift hands from waist to above head & back down again.

Back Exercises

Good Morning with Leg ResistanceRepeat several times. Then work with other leg.Bend forward & grasp hands behind lower part of left thigh. Slowly raise body to upright while lifting but resisting with left leg.
Squat ThrustsRepeat until tired.Crouch down sqatting. Place hands on ground and sharply extend legs out behind you then quickly return to squat position.

Shoulder Exercises

Lateral Shoulder Raise with resistanceRepeat both sides until tired.Grasp right hand with left hand in front of you. Gradual force R.hand out & up, resisting with L.hand.
Front Shoulder Raise with resistanceRepeat both sides until tired.Let R.arm hang to side & slightly back. Grasp R.elbow from behind back with L.hand. Pull R.arm forward & resist with L.hand.

Bicep Exercises

Bicep Curl with front resistanceRepeat both sides until tired.Grasp L.wrist with R.hand & force L.wrist towards shoulder. Resist with R.hand
Bicep Curl with rear resistanceRepeat both sides until tired.Place R.arm down to side & rear. Place L.hand in R.palm & bring R.hand up to R.shouder with resistance from L.hand.

Tricep Exercises

Tricep Pulldown with resistanceRepeat both sides until tired.Place L.hand up to L.shoulder. Grasp R.hand over L.hand & move slowly down, resist with R.hand
Tricep Pulldown across chest with resistanceRepeat both sides until tired.Keep R.upper arm into side of body & place R.forearm across chest. Place L.hand over R.hand & slowly force R.hand out & down while keeping upper arm still. Resist with L.hand.

Ab Exercises

Prone Leg RaiseRepeat several times.Lie flat on back. Hands by side, raise both straight legs up & right over towards your head, then return slowly.
Body Flex with chairRepeat several times.Back to floor, place feet on chair, hands only on floor keeping arms straight. Allow body to flex & sink slowly then return to straight body.

Thigh & Legs Exercises

Cross Leg SquatRepeat until tired.Squat down, cross legged.Head leaning towards knees,with hands behind back lift yourself up and stand upright. Can put arms out in front for balance to start with.
Toe Raise Squat15x slow
15x fast
15x slow
Stand straight, heels together & toes apart. Raise high on toes & lower body by bending at knees to squat keeping toes raised.

Calves Exercises

Stepped Toe RaiseRepeat alternately until tired.Stand 1 foot in front of other.Rise up on toes as high as possible, with opposite hand try to reach as high as you can, pushing that little bit higher.
Heel RaiseRepeat until tired. Advanced-1 foot at a time.Stand heel of foot on edge of a step. raise toes higher than edge of step then lower to below edge, keeping weight on your heels at all times.

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